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The International
Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

The 4th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

Submission from the 4th Internationl Shoebox
Sculpture Exhibition

mixed media

From the Tote Bag of the Empirical Metaphysician










Empirical Metaphysicianjpg
From the Tote Bag of the Empirical Metaphysician


from the Empirical Metaphysician

Principles for a Self-organized Social Construct
‘Pop is the on-going effort to scratch an unlocatable itch; a profound reason for the same old thing to be new — an urge that will not die.
It is to wrestle a serpent whose head you will never see.
In an imperfect world, kitsch will live forever; both art and life rely on business with its invisible hand to guide us through and science will always be science.
In a perfect world there is less than nothing; Post Pop, business with a conscience, no entropy — order without chaos and Frogs always get the Fairy Princess.’