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Mormon Phrenology, Morphology
True Faith Testimony

The Devil
You Think
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mormon evolution
spiritual insanity

Since the beginning Mormon Brain Morphology has been much studied.
Mormons say, "What challenges your faith and doesn't kill you makes you believe even more."

Mormon Myth Maker

General Joseph Smith, Revelator

General Joseph Smith

'Upon what meat doth this our Prophet feed that he hath grown so great?'

Mormon Neurological Metamorphosis
After considerable research by The Joseph Fielding Institute on Mormon Phrenology this graph explains the metamorphosis that occurs when embracing the Mormon Faith.

Related sectors of the Mormon Brain

1. Mormon Sense of Well being thru fealty to priests
2. Mormon Theologic cortex & mystical experience center
3. Mormon Common Knowledge processor
4. Mormon Moral Aspiration center, correct thinking
5. Mormon backup Faith Cortex, group think thought
6. Mormon Quorum Sensing Logic processor
7. Mormon Suspension of Disbelief, acceptance by faith
8. Mormon Sex Drive and related thinking, procreation etc.
9. Mormon
Faith Dynamo well-being & confidence Matrix
10 Mormadula Brain Stem extends to the rest of the afflicted Mormon to act on the malleability of truth.

Note: The little blue blob on top of the brain-mass is related to the Mormon Common Sense backup memory, all part of the brain's critical thinking which has been taken over by functions #1 and #8.

Over time the Mormon Brain acquires special traits. After twenty or more years of Perfect Obedience to the True Faith, Mormons realize a dramatic reconfiguration of brain activity. This rewiring of the Mormon Brain serves their faith for life in the Mormon context and preparation for the Mormon Afterlife. When the Veil is pierced a Mormon is perfectly attuned to the Celestial Celebration of Heaven. Heaven, ah yes there are 7 levels of course, so there is much more to do; more rituals etc., but, if the lumps are all in the right places, you're good to go. As can be seen the Momon Brain is fully taken by the Religion Making Business.

*Note: Joe smith arose to dress on the day of the painting of his formal Portrait in full military garb, after a grand night of debauchery, put his boots on the wrong feet


Mormon Branding and Counter-Apologetic Dogmatology

There we were, in prayer, "Pay-lay-ale" etc. and after an eternity of mumbling the repetition "Pay lay ale," we looked up and falling from the sky was an angel.
We could hear the rush of his wings, all the while the Angel was screaming, pay le ale as he hurtled to earth; his horn was lost in the moment. Again and again
"O God, hear the words of my mouth!" until he joined us in our sacred ritual. "Like us he was cast adrift –– left akimbo." The horn struck and bounced, a heap of rumpled glitter turned to uselessness.

LDS – OCD, Mormon Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Both –– the first and the last Mormon TranshumanistAngle Moroni fall from heaven, akimbo
Angel Moroni in rapid descent, the herald who lost his horn.

Moroni falling falling
Oops the lights went out, the bubble machine broke and the fog blower is down.
Moroni is falling falling, they said he couldn't hold a tune anyway, besides walking and chewing gum was not his forte. And it came to pass, planet Kolob is wobbeling in orbit while the data banks are filling, bureaus of baptised, living and dead are waiting for direction –– "Where to go; standing room only!"
Heaven is filling and it's a good thing -- There's still lots of room out there, but the mormon heaven machine is banging and lurching on its etherial pedestal; vibrations and scraping noises have taken over, a caucaphony of voices add more noise filling the quietude with demands for more tickets to the show. The Mormon Sacred Endowment by Divine Right is closed. Moroni falls to earth and is heard no more. The Apostolic Holding Pen is filled to bursting. Seeking for a sign.

CYBERAGAPE, mormon transhumanism

The message was the messenger: Ingeel
The messenger was the message: Ingeel
Agape . . .

mormon transhumanism transfigurism

"Liberty through Obedience"
Schizophrenia or just more Ambiguity
"Arbeit Macht Frei"

Deep Schizophrenic Thoughts
The following 2000-2001 Priesthood/Relief Society Manual lesson titled
"Liberty through Obedience,
Contradictory messages: Schizophrenia is preferred over ambiguity. Is this Mormon Liberation Theology?

"We do not preach the gospel of fear. We do not seek to terrorize the souls of men. We do not ask a man to be righteous because of the terrors of the damned. We do not want you to be good because you fear the punishment of the wicked. We do not want you to do right because of the penalty that attaches to the doing of wrong."
"You will suffer the consequences of your own mistakes, of your own errors, though they bring sorrow, or sickness, or death! So, I acknowledge the hand of the Lord in this agency that he has given to the children of men."
"Can you find an organization, ecclesiastical or otherwise, that has the same perfection of government and organization in it as can be found in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, established by inspiration through the Prophet Joseph Smith? And what is the object of that organization? Is it to crush men? Is it to injure you? Is it to bow you down unto the earth? Is it to deprive you of your liberties, of your rights, of your privileges? Is it to make you slaves, menials, and degrade you unto the dust? Or is it to raise you up into the scale of intelligence and of manliness and increase your liberties, for there is no liberty like the liberty of the gospel of Jesus Christ?"
"The free agency of man is a fundamental principle which, according to the tenets of the Church, even God Himself does not suppress."
"I believe that there is not a freer, more independent nor a more intelligent people to be found anywhere in the world, who are more independent in choosing the course which they pursue, in the work that they perform and in everything that they have to do with, than the Latter-day Saints. There is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in good standing, anywhere in all the world today that is not such by reason of his independence of character, by reason of his intelligence, (and) wisdom."
- Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, 32: "Liberty through Obedience", From the Life of Joseph F. Smith, Page 283
Over time brain chemistry is markedly changed through double-think thought; in league with the malleability of truth there is delivered a mormon specimen of superior dogmatological persuasion.


sacred signs, legend, myth, lore, revelation, cosmology, gods, goddesses, stars, sprinkles and glitter
Mormon ART, Mormon Science Fiction
Mormon Sealing Mandala: from Mormon Prophetic Tradition by Prophet Joseph Smith

Joe Smith caught his Bug from the Ether
dogmatology: mormon transhumanism
Mormon Spiritualism a 19th Century Fashion:
A bridge between the 1st and the 2nd Great Awakening

Mormons sprang from whole cloth in the first half of the 19th century, a time of ethereal reinvention. Early in the stirrings of spiritualism, promoters believed the human soul to have a spirit transported to a place (Heaven) filled with those things familiar to the deceased –– a rather Egyptian notion. The Human afterlife was considered to be a reconstruction of life on earth but more fun and less severe and no stress but for purgatory, and hell is still hell and very nasty.
Heaven was a place to enjoy with your family and friends, you could bring your books and favorite chair. Shucks bring the piano too and bang on the ivories; in heaven one could play the piano as never before.
Heaven was an ethereal re-materialization of your pre-existence on earth but without those nasty bits that irritated one's sense of propriety. There you are with a full head of hair, there are no flies or bugs of any kind, you don't ever have to poop or pee and dandruff is unknown, no boils, piles or toil, no stresses and no messes; one ate plum pudding but you never got full and one never farted –– a place of plenty –– no privation but you never get fat.

Joe Smith, or Joseph Smith the pubescent teen with raging hormones used to have lots of dreams, like most teens. Joe dreamed of being special, like you and me, but he forgot to pinch himself. Similar to those who ate ergot grain in Salem, he was transported to a the land of many spirits that fitted the prevalent notions of the age. From there, 'twas no leap of faith to accept any and all fantasy. Thus emerged a new reformed Christianity led by a feckless fruitcake named Joseph Smith. With the help of His wife, brother Hyrum and Sidney Rigdon, and the theft of a Sci-Fi story from Solomon Spalding, Joe spun a new book, wove new yarns to shunt the human spirit to its proper plot. And it came to pass, thus sprang Mormonism and a whole new brand of indulgences. Pierce the Veil, Mormon heaven lies just beyond the grassy knoll –– Truly the Shining City on The Hill.

Tribals share one trait, they all love their own "special" creation myth. They have a legend that spouts shibboleths in the name of their creator and the requisite Gods to represent life's travails –– aspirations whether it's "Ooooh-buga-buga or Pay-lay-ale-ale one gets the idea; it's all about owning shares of the touchstone confirming the priesthood who sits atop a HEAP OF FAITH with staff and flail.
From the Price of the Great Pearl.

Evangel Nécromancier

"O God, hear the words of my mouth!" Pay-lay-ale Pay-lay-ale
Whatever that means . . .
try, Pay-lay-aghu-gay: "O God, hear the words of my mind!"
or is it, Pay-lay-agu-gah, ah well they know what I mean; what's in a word?


the case for Mocking Mormonism
Mormons have a long history of persecution

Mormons' take umbrage at the perception of being mocked, however Mormons take no interest in self scrutiny to divine the source of this sacred act, mockery that is. When mounting an indefensible preponderant of how things work, Mormons forgot to consider, perhaps, for the sake of argument, existence is still perplexing and we are making it up as we go along.  That's why "THE MORMONS" have to have a "LIVING PROPHET" so when things get sticky, when moving on in time, there is a fall-back position to be divined by the prophet-at-hand. Mormon Mockery is born from envy. Gentiles can't understand why Mormons suspend all empirical evidence to embrace ignorance; ignorance being the source of all evil (SATAN), Rational thought drops out of Mormon Tribal Theology –– It's all about FAITH in the religion making business.
Gentiles envy the Mormon embrace of willful ignorance; it's so easy when you don't have to think. Gentiles know it hurts to think, Mormons don't.
Mormons often respond, "You must remember, like Jews, we Mormons have a long history of persecution." The Mormon Faith requires persecution to defend against influence by rational thought and pressing reality. Mockery is part of the Mormon Brand –– part of the baggage of Mormonism..
When having your genitals washed in the temple and the priest commands, repeat after me. "Health in the navel, marrow in the bone, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generation of time and throughout all eternity forever and ever" Pay-lay-ale, Amen one might conclude Mormonism is not interested in the eucharist, just strength in the loins and the priesthood. Mormons insist on inviting mockery –– part of the Mormon Experience. Mormon Mockery is part of the Mormon institution.


Mormon Branders

Mormon Branders or "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Marketing" has been crippled by loss of message control; to lose control of their Branding Message is problematic for the Religion Making Business. The Mormons are still working out the kinks in "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Marketing Department."

Man's Search for Divine Truth
from the Presidency of the Seventy Phrenology

Where is divine truth to be found? It is to "hear the voice of the Lord, . . . [hear] the voice of His servants, . . . give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles" (D&C 1:14). Hear and heed. To hear is relatively simple. To heed and apply what is heard becomes life's perpetual challenge.
First, hear the voice of the Lord. Communication from the Lord about divine truth or spiritual knowledge is found in the scriptures. It is called revelation—literally, "to make known or uncover" (Bible Dictionary, "Revelation," 762). It is given to "know how to worship, and know what you worship" (D&C 93:19). Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, "Only with revelation can we do the Lord's work according to His will in His way and according to His timing" ("Revelation," First Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, Jan. 2003, 5). "Without revelation, all would be guesswork, darkness, and confusion" (Bible Dictionary, 762).
Second, hear the voice of His servants. Revelation or divine truth is given by the will of the Lord to His servants in different ways and times and is also found in the scriptures. "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7).
Third, give heed to the words of the prophets and apostles. To give heed is to pay special attention. It is to listen to those who have been called by God to be the especial living witnesses of Jesus Christ for our time. It implies that they are recognized in this role, that a response is given to their invitation to receive a personal spiritual confirmation that their teachings are true, and that a commitment to follow them will be made.
In summary, the Lord has a pattern of sharing divine truth with prophets to guide and bless us through the challenges and evils of life: hear and heed. Our personal spiritual foundation needs to be built upon this pattern if we want to enjoy the blessings of the Lord. So it is not enough to search the scriptures to know the mind of the Lord. It must be followed by an act of faith, accepting to do the will of the Lord by obeying His commandments, before we can enjoy the blessings of the Lord. A personal spiritual confirmation of this process by asking and believing that we will receive becomes, then, the prayer of our lifetime.
Test divine revelation. Hear the voice of the Lord. It is real; it is personal; it is true. Reason does not and cannot replace revelation. Quoting Faust, "Do not let your private doubts separate you from the divine source of knowledge" ("Lord, I Believe; Help Thou Mine Unbelief," Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2003, 22).
Test and feel the powerful effect of the word of God upon your mind as given by the Lord's servants (see Alma 31:5).
Test, ask and receive in faith, then give heed to the words of prophets and apostles, and you will "receive a crown of eternal life" (D&C 20:14).
Now, just remember, in conclusion, that following the Lord's pattern to hear and give heed to divine truth will help you build a personal spiritual foundation and determine what you will believe in the everafter forever . . .
Elder Charles Didier
Of the Presidency of the Seventy


Religious Caveat for Mormon Apostle eyes only:
Mormon religious reservation is the ability to reserve the truth when truth might be inconvenient. Church authorities, armed with clerical reservation can omit, redact or otherwise obfuscate whatever inconvenience it might find to be damaging to the authority of the priesthood. Acting on the malleability of truth allows the elect to endure for the sake of religious authority by lying whenever deemed to be in Mormon self-interest.

Thaddeus Quella







rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist
Pandora's Boxexcruciation



The Metamorphosis,
Mormon Neurology

Faith based Metamorphosis Neurology
The Mormon Brain Case houses unique changes in neural circuitry; thought is much changed from a normal Homo Sapien Sapien. After years of acceptance thru faith and through revelation, there is much to study for the devout Mormon to attain these attributes. Among religious orders Mormons claim exclusive processing powers for their faith. Pedestrian Christians could neither attain nor aspire to these traits. Mormons are off on their own grand celestial experiment to build the faith in the business of making religion.

OCD: Mormon Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Mormon Evolution, Mormon critical thinking

Mormon Brain  Metamorphosis, Mormon Evolution
Practicing Mormon Phrenology, Neurology
the Mormon Common Knowledge Machine

Mormon Neurology is much changed after continued fealty to the true faith. The Mormon Brain Case houses brain circuitry that is well equipped for perfect obedience. Mormons have the unflinching ability to screen out all other information beside the true faith messages. To the exclusion of all other information, Mormons keep their eyes on the ball:"Some things that are true are not very useful." So Mormons discard practical, empirical and existential learning to rely on true faith alone received directly from the preisthood.


God's Army, states of grace in that special placeMormon Liberty through Obedience
Steps to Mormon Empowerment

It's unfortunate, but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end.
Mormons are convinced: "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."


Mormon Spiritualism in the Mormon Afterlife
MormonAgency, liberation theology
Liberty through Obedience –– Celestial Kingdom

The Trial:
more good works in heaven

Yes, the Mormon Bureaucracy carries on in heaven. And yes you are being watched; the gatekeepers and sacred rituals confirm each step through the mazes of heaven –– long lines for the chosen, lots of waiting, but the wait is part of the test designed to authenticate Perfect Obedience and Mormon Purity of Faith.
There are certificates to be stamped, lists to check and examinations of faith. The trials are designed to confirm solidarity and unquestioning belief in the prophet and his hereafter in the everafter. It's not easy to wend ones way through the seven levels of celestial radiance, long queues, but for "perfect obedience," the rewards are huge in the religion making business.

Und es kommen passiet, Fanatische Christen beschimpfen Schwule fur beschimpft glauben ubermenchen. Und es war einmal Der Mormonen Ubermenchen sagt, "arbeit macht frei. Die Mormoen Macht Gottes übertragen worden."

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Moroni, Herald to Postmodern Mysticism Mormon Liberty through Obedience
Angel Moroni and obedient friends in flight

Yes yes, Mormon Angels look like shadow puppets. The look is by design to test one's faith.
Voltaire observed, "Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities."



Mormon Phrenology, Neurology
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Brigham Young said,
"some things that are true are not very useful"
He must have concluded reductively that,
"some things that are useful are not very true
," and so it goes.


Mormon Branding,
On "the Religion Making Business"
One might Ask?

One might ask why pick on the Mormons and that's a fair question.

One might say because, as a metaphor, it's easy. When shaping a short treatise on self deception to model all organized religion why not
choose a no brainer . . .
Mormonism is "in the religion making business", just another franchise
like Starbucks
but without the coffee.
Do the math.


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SUNSTONE: Mormon Propaganda
Shinehah Shinehah Shinehah

Beyond Diogenes the Cynic

"Sure I'm convinced, Elder Charles Didier is the vessel
of revelation as most LDS Elder Revelations are.
Either they got it right or they are soon to adjust to conditions on the ground to secure victory for our
faith in the next quarter or two, once tributes are
paid and disregard revelations that don't apply to our happy doctirne in the Religion Making Business."

Tom Friedman


the Mormon Oxymoron

"Mormon Intellectuals are led by our leading Theological Scholar, Joseph Smith, Prophet and Revelator." So Mormon Intellectuals are significantly infirmed by Mormon Tenants and Doctrine –– talking points. For Mormonism, a Mormon Intellectual is, in the purist form, a Mormon Oxymoron. A Mormon intellectual is an oxyMoroni –– that is –– in the trade known as, OxyMoronic Mormonism.



Our Moses the egyptian, Brigham Young

Our Prophet Brigham Young led us out of The Wilderness into the light of New Zion (Salt Lake City) that Shining City on the Hill .