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Clearing the Persistence of Doubt

Mormon Nocebo

Devoted to apologies for counter-apologetic dogma; a space to expose Dogmatological Mormon Doctrine Practice and Rhetoric, a place for Mormon Detractors to find solace; a metaphorical harbor in the storm of feral piety and sycophantic zealotry,
a brief treatise on saving the planet from rampant ignorance for the sake of all mankind, Mormons included, and all the little animals who have fallen under the cursed spell of "our dominion."



Mormon Doctrine: Cosmetics for Mormon
, Mormon Tribal belief and action
Mormon prosperity theology endowment
Extremism in the name of faith is no vice.
Mormon Tribal Cosmetics: Mormons move beyond stigmata into Mormon Cosmetology, by birthright and the Collective Subjective,
faith grows to live on through sacred revelation and secret willfull ignorance; its a classified meritocracy for the Mormon Tribe. Mormon Dermatology, beyond skin deep.


Why why why
Why disparage Mormon Branding?

One could respond as a mountain climber, "Because it's there."
Ask, why must Mormons take such liberties with reality?
One could claim organized feality to a priesthood of conjecture subverts the dignity of man.
One might say: Gosh, Mormonism is just like Las Vegas, neither could exist without draining the wealth and resources from an entire nation.
One might say "the Opiate of the Masses" has gone too far when there is a cosmology that claims to give one, his and her, their own planet to populate posthumously."
One might feel that a Tax free status given to a tribal pyramid scheme is Un-American.
One could complain of the sorry state of Mormon Science Fiction and Mormon Revelation Cosmology.
One could take umbrage with the theft of existential experience from the human condition by a socialist theologic safety net.
One should resent a ninteenth century fraud based on folk supersticion spun and laundered as authentic to the spiritually needy; a theocracy defined by a bloodline hierarchy of established priests to deliver the truth through revelation. In the year of our Lord, 2007, there are many ways to describe such an organization, most of which are not kind to this leap of dogmalogical faith.
One could declaim that lying to it's devotees and to the outside world is the practice rooted in Mormonism's Masonic-borrowed oaths of loyalty and obedience to the tribe; (Occult and Masonic Influence in Early Mormonism ) a practice of deception from inception.

Mormon Doctrine: Mormonen ubermenschen sagt, "arbeit macht frei."

Mormon Heaven, selling real-estate in heaven
“The Mormon Problem” –– with seven levels of heavens, the work is never done.
The Mormon Question: in heaven there is the terrestrial, telestial, and celestial, there
are two types or pergatory and there is pre-existence with the last level being Hell.

On mocking Mormons
One might ask why pick on the Mormons and that's a fair question.

One might say because, as a metaphor, it's easy. When shaping a short treatise on self-deception to model all organized religion why not choose a no brainer . . .
Mormonism is "in the religion making business," just another franchise like Starbucks but without the coffee.
Do the math.

the Free Press: It's a Mormon Problem
Don't Mess with the Press

Still after a 160 years, Joe Smith's continued troubles with the Expositor
The Free Press Sows the Seed: destruction of Joe Smith, killed 1844

Exposition is the bane of Mormonism
True martyrs don't mess with the press

General Joseph Smith, Prophet Revelator and Mayor of Nauvoo had a problem. His crime was to bump up against one of his own apostles, ironically named William Law. Law, having spent two years in England recruiting converts to Joe's beloved faith comes home to find Revelator Joe was fucking his wife and daughter in a celestial Ménage a Qua. Having not given all his assets to the church, Willima Law was the spark to create a newspaper: The Expositor

The Nauvoo Expositor Newspaper destroyed by the
offices of General Joseph Smith: the Revelator

Divine Right Rite

General Joseph Smith, Revelator
General Joseph Smith, Prophet Revelator, Mayor and head of the council of fifty, was positioned to run for President of the United States. Smith was the man on the move in all things including free speech and the minting of counterfeit money: Nauvoo Bogus gold coins and paper securities were flooding the country.

Early in 1843 a group, members of the Church at Nauvoo, including Joseph Smith's second counselor (apostle), William Law, and one of the presidents of the Nauvoo Stake, several business and professional people, began opposing Joseph Smith.
New doctrine and practices were introduced into the church in Law's absence. Foremost among these tenets were the practice of Plural Marriage, eternal evolution of man toward godhood by etherealizing of the marriage covenant, the endowment ceremony, and the political kingdom of God with its secret Council of Fifty.

After these men were excommunicated from the Church in April 1844, they purchased a press and published a paper entitled the Nauvoo Expositor, the only issue appearing June 7. This first and last edition of the paper declared that Joseph Smith had become a tyrant, ruling Nauvoo contrary to American principles of separation of church and state; that he had introduced into the Church doctrine and practices contrary to the original teachings of the Church, particularly that he was secretly practicing plural marriage which they termed "whoredoms and abominations." They announced their intention to seek the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter so that Nauvoo might become a city governed by American standards of democracy.
The Expositor appeared on a Friday afternoon. The Monday thereafter the city council met to consider its threat to the peace and security of the city. With the powers granted by the city charter, they declared the newspaper a nuisance, as they felt its declarations threatened the security of the city. They authorized the mayor (General Joseph Smith) to see that the nuisance was abated. The Prophet General instructed the city marshal to abate the nuisance which he and his men accomplished by breaking into the printing shop, throwing the press into the street where it was smashed to bits, dumping the offending type into the street, trashing the office leaving all in destruction and burning the undistributed copies of the newspaper. Such an extralegal method of abating Free Speech was viewed as a violation to the federal Constitution which forbids destruction of property without due process of law.

The proprietor of the paper went to Carthage and swore out a warrant for the 18 members of the city council, charging that they had violated the federal Constitution by destroying property with the resultant implication of "suppression of the freedom of the press." In response to the charge 15 members of the Nauvoo city council appeared before the justice of the peace in Carthage on Tuesday, June 25, and were bound over to the next term of the circuit court on bail of $500 each. Jointly they posted $7500 in bonds and some of them returned to Nauvoo that afternoon. Joseph and Hyrum, however, remained in Carthage to have an interview with Governor Ford. While awaiting audience with him, they were arrested on charges of treason and rioting for having used some of the Nauvoo Legion (Militia) to assist the town marshal in the destruction of Expositor equipment and offices. For this charge they were committed to the Carthage jail that afternoon.

*Note: Joe smith arose to dress on the day of the painting of his formal Portrait in full military garb, after a grand night of debauchery, put his boots on the wrong feet

Governor Ford, a Mason and Commander of the Illinois National Guard was increasingly disturbed by General Joseph Smith, Propfet and Revelator with a 5,000 man standing army, the Nauvoo Legion. The fabric of the State of Illinois was tested as was the State of Missouri earlier. "Prophetic Armies are fraught with mischief," in this case fraught with Mormon Mischief.

Accounts vary: At least two guns were smuggled into the jail by one ot the Mormon Apostles; a gun fight ensued in a jail break attempt. General Joseph Smith shot two of the crowd and was killed after jumping, wounded, from the second floor ot the Carthage Jail. The encamped Illinois National Guard, sorounding the jail were quick to dispatch the escaping prisioner, "The squad of Missourians who were standing by a fence levelled their pieces at him, and, before they could see him again for the smoke they made, Joe Smith was dead." With a broken leg, General Joseph Smith was killed while leaning against a well a few feet from the jail house. In a high moan, he ejaculated "Pay lay ale," he swore in girgles as bubbles blew from his lips, "Oh God, hear the words of my mouth," then he expired.

So in the end the Martyrdom of General Joseph Smith, Prophet Revelator and Mayor was clearly the product of one man having too much power to corrupt or maybe he was just moving too fast for his flock to follow or perhaps "The Revelator" was just living large and misguided; blinded by his Angel Moroni.

General Joe publishes his defence of Polygamy:
Polygamy becomes a civil rights matter, part of the freedoms of liberty granted to the free-man in the United States of America.
"And in the name of freemen, and in the name of God, we beseech all men who have the spirit of honor in them to cease from persecuting us collectively or individually. Let us enjoy our religion, rights, and peace, like the rest of mankind. Why start pressing to destroy rights and privileges, and bring upon us mobs to plunder and murder? We ask no more than what belongs to us, — the rights of Americans."

True martyrs don't mess with the press
The Press is the bane of the ethically tone deaf

General Joseph Smith, Prophet Revelator and Mayor sounds much like the Commander in Chief, Decider Commander Guy President George W. Bush

Clearly both are ethically tone deaf.
parson Carson Gallant Charoot

Mormon Salamander, AGAPEpretext

The message was the messenger: Ingeel
The messenger was the message: Ingeel
Agape: Pay-lay-ale
"O God, hear the words of my mouth!"
Whatever that means . . . TRY,
Pay-lay-agu-ghe: "O God, hear the words of my mind!"

THE SALAMANDER MURDERS for God and country –– It's alright to do it but don't get caught

Deep Space

After 17 decades of space exploration, The Mormons have developed standards and practices that have served the Mormon Faith in Heaven and on Earth; maximizing fuel efficiency and payload capacity by employing supernatural means has led to great efficiencies through faith.
Beyond the traditional methods for transport the Mormons have secured exclusive use of methods known only to them. Since the beginning Mormon Space travel has changed little believing, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it,"
it's Pay-lay-ale all the way.

Ephima Morphew

Mormon America, Mormon Endowment
Mormon Spaceship, another Mormon Myth Making Shuttle
launch with more Latter Day Saints aboard –– Pay-lay-ale

Und es kommen passiet, Mormonen ubermenchen sagt, "arbeit macht frei."

Why are Mormons Mocked?
The case for Mocking Mormonism:
Mormons have a long history of persecution

Mormons' take umbrage at the perception of being mocked, however Mormons take no interest in self scrutiny to divine the source of this sacred act, mockery that is. When mounting an indefensible preponderant of how things work, Mormons forgot to consider, perhaps, for the sake of argument, existence is still perplexing and we are making it up as we go along.  That's why "THE MORMONS" have to have a "LIVING PROPHET" so when things get sticky when moving on in time there is a fall-back position. Mormon Mockery is born from envy. Gentiles can't understand why Mormons suspend all empirical evidence to embrace ignorance; ignorance being the source of all evil (SATAN). Rational thought drops out of Mormon Tribal Theology –– It's all about FAITH.
Gentiles envy the Mormon embrace of willful ignorance; it's so easy when you don't have to think. Gentiles know it hurts to think, Mormons don't.
"You must remember, like Jews, we Mormons have a long history of persecution." The Mormon Faith requires persecution to defend against influence by rational thought and pressing reality. Mockery is part of the Mormon Brand –– part of the baggage of Mormonism..
When having your genitals washed in the temple the priest commands, repeat after me. "Health in the navel, marrow in the bone, strength in the loins and in the sinews, power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity through all generation of time and throughout all eternity forever and ever" Pay-lay-ale, Amen. Mormons insist on inviting mockery –– part of the Mormon Experience.



Mormon trompe l'oeil Dogma:
Mormon Dogmatologists are still spinning the use of doctrine to explain the ancient hackneyed phrase
"And it came to Pass."











rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist
Pandora's Boxexcruciation















Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Mormon Deep Ecology
To Look Good at any cost

"As a prosperity theologist Mormon Woman; it's virtuous for God to see you well scrubbed,
well quaffed –– looking good, and
so I sent out to have my nails done.
when they came back the color, tone and manicure were perfect; each digit was done to perfection. Joseph and Jesus is just alright with me. Pay-lay-ale,
O God, hear the words of my mouth!"

from the well behaved Mormon Woman
Barbara Smith-Palmer


Mormon Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Placebo – Nocebo mormon toxicity
tribal doctrine fallout
the Heimlich Maneuver

The true faith Mormon is treated to the Placebo Effect of the Sacred Covenants, Endowments which affords the devotee to move forward in the religious higherarchy for the glory of God and Family. When hermetically sealed and fed gluttionous helpings of doctrine with gallons of dogma intoxication occurrs. The resultant alienation from society at large presents side effects to the devotee. The fallout from doctrine overload presents particular pathologies that accompany the true faith.

Despite the pleasure and comfort of Mormon social reinforcement, Mormon Intercourse affords one the placibo effect of religious conversion but symtoms occurr; pathologies that accompnay the faith. Mormonism generates a plethera of side effects not easily handled when steeped in Prayer Meetings or Stake Gatherings to say nothing of domestic stresses by the sufferer.

Mormon Placibo side-effects are:
Diarreha, vomiting
Cold sweats, boils
Blurred vision, prolonged erections
Heartburn and gas with nose bleeds
Tinnitus, constant muffeled voices mutter in tongues

With increased devotion the symptoms only become more acute. There seems to be no thereshold or vail one can pierce to relieve this stress through escalated exaltation of the Mormon faith.

Once religions fervor (Religious Affect) is abated the symptoms do dissipate over time. It's important for Mormons to understand that these symptoms are reversable, religious doctrine is religious doctrine occuring in the head only but the effect to the human physiology is profound; once one stops the frenzied belief in Mormon Cosmological Doctrine these ailments are reversed. An Ex-mormon may live a productive life after remission. Without intervention the Zealot may decline in mental capacity and wither; a profound atrophy slips into a state of torpor when left unaddressed.

Do not perform the Heimlich Maneuver on sufferer, demonic fluids may pour from all orafices infecting care giver.



Dr. Thaddeous Quella

God's Army, states of grace in that special placeMormon Empowerment steps
Steps to Mormon Empowerment:
Shock Troops in God's Army

It's unfortunate but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end,
Mormons War on Terra:
"The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."

Are you believing too much too often, if so you must be thinking of becoming a Mormon ––  you can be a Mormon too. To believe is to understand. Remember
Mormons worry not about the moral hazard of faith.


Side Effects of suffering with nocebo
Meet the Man:
Meet the man responsible for the death of Joseph Smith, William Law
An Interview with William Law:



Apologetics for killing Joe Smith

William Law recounts: "Joseph Smith having sent Rockwell to kill Governor Boggs. Let me tell you, that Joe Smith, told me the fact himself. The words were substantially like this, "I sent Rockwell to kill Boggs, but he missed him, it was a failure; he wounded him instead of sending him to Hell." Governor Boggs was out of office but revenge smelled sweet for Joe Smith.
The Mormon Assassin, "Rockwell was the lackey of the house. He used to comb and shave Joseph, blackened his boots and drove his carriage. He would have done anything Joe wanted him to do. I never saw a horse or carriage belonging to Rockwell which you say he got from Joseph for the attempt to kill Boggs."
One might conclude, Governor Ford was to take no chances with Mormon Assassins. Ford had promised Missouri's Governor Boggs protection but failed, the attempted murder by Rockwell was revenge by Joe Smith's Plot of assassination for the Mormon War in Missouri.

Mormon Socialism, Nauvoo Legion
mormon socialism mission

How to assassinate a General Officer, The killing of Joseph Smith,: Atlantic Monthly, December 1869 Excerpt from Cultures in Conflict by John Hay.

The niggeling details, cosmetics are important for the sacred faith to grow. Cosmetology is vital for a well quaffed
faith to flourish.    
copyright Scari©2007
all rights reserved Scari.Org



The Trial:
more good works in heaven
Yes, the Mormon Bureaucracy carries on in heaven. And yes you are being watched; the gatekeepers and sacred rituals confirm each step through the mazes of heaven –– long lines for the chosen, lots of waiting, but the wait is part of the test designed to authenticate Perfect Obedience and Mormon Purity of Faith.
There are certificates to be stamped, lists to check and examinations of faith. The trials are designed to confirm solidarity and unquestioning belief in the prophet and his hereafter in the everafter. It's not easy to wend ones way through the seven levels of celestial radiance, long queues, but for "perfect obedience," the rewards are huge in the religion making business.

Mormon Branding,
On "the Religion Making Business"
One might Ask?

One might ask why pick on the Mormons and that's a fair question.

One might say because, as a metaphor, it's easy. When shaping a short treatise on self deception to model all organized religion why not choose a no brainer . . .
Mormonism is "in the religion making business," just another franchise
like Starbucks but without the coffee.
Do the math.




Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
 Mormon Metamorphosis, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
heavenly mormon wet-work

Mormon Wet Work
Beyond the Mormon Wars and the Mountain Meadows Massacre: 12/08/08
The Recent Surrender of Blackwater Mercenaries in Salt Lake City reveals the level of moral hazard Mormons will stoop to. The Blackwater killers believed they would receive favorable prejudice in any court proceeding coming from charges of crimes in the Iraqi blood bath if they surrendered in Utah.

Mormons Say "some things that are true are not very useful."
That simple statement, religious tradition holds, "Some things that are useful are not very true." In the Religion Making Business, some things that are useful are not very true.