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Mormon Judeophilia: Mormon Deity
Mormon Judeophilia
Mormon Crowdsourcing

panoply of
Sacred Deities

PRESS RELEASE: from the well behaved Mormon Woman: Barbara Smith-Palmer
Restoration Complete: Neo-Orthodox
Correlated Curriculum now approved by our Heavenly Father*

Temple Baptized Mormon Drive In:

The Temple Baptized Mormon Drive-In App, Now Available to Temple Recommend LDS,
Temple Babtized Mormon Movie
Blaze Labs creates,
Correlated Curriculum Temple Baptized Mormon Drive-In App, Now Available to Temple Recommend LDS; Mormon Crowdsourcing, a new lever for obedience.
Mormon Exceptionalism is now secure with advances in Mormon Psyops Technology

Philo-Semitic Neo-Orthodox, Mormon Agency
For those who feel their faith slipping away.
When time is tight and your are missing temple talk you can now pop into the New Salt Lake City Mormon Drive-in, for those to enjoy all the comfort of Mormon ritual pomp and circumstance and not leave your car. For that spiritual uplift without a Temple Recommend you can remain in the flock and not compromise your golf or bowling date. Collections will be taken at the ticket office and certificates stamped. With a special dispensation certificate one can invite a gentile to be part of the spiritual awakening.
"This new service is a pilot program to bind the adherent back to his faith before all this doubt crept into our faith."
Beyond the Mega-Church, the Mormon Drive-In is the latest theological concept to be trotted out by the Mormon Apostles.
Now TBM's can just mail it in and carry on to the golf links or shop at the new mall.

More revelations
Grow the Faith

"Further revelations of Mormon Liberation Theology in the L.D.S. Church will grow the faith and expand plural marriage to include both, the sister-wife and the brother-husband. With Brother-Husbands and Sister-Wives the loop is closed and there will be marital perfection at last, more babies more often in heaven and on earth." Just do the math. "Heavenly Mother Gonhorra approves of this doctrinal shift too. pay-lay-ale."

Neo-Orthodoxy Manifesto
Salvation Plan:
Mormon Correlated Curriculum
Robert Millet, Professor of Religious Understanding states in
'Getting At The Truth'

"If the general authorities do not teach something today, it is not part of our doctrine today. That does not, however, mean that a particular teaching is untrue. A teaching may be true and yet not a part of what is taught and emphasized by the Church today. In fact, if the Brethren do not teach it today, if it is not taught directly in the standard works, or if it is not found in our correlated curriculum, whether it is true or not may actually be irrelevant."

- Robert Millet, Getting at the Truth, p. 66
some things that are useful are not very true

Robert Millet Getting At The Truth Caveat:
"Relevant Truth or Untruth is subject to change or reversal by revelation of verifying authorities or priestly fiat."

deep throat Robert Millet subterfuge
Millet Waxes on profligate religious promiscuity

Professor Robert Millet and The Mormon Religion-making Business:

Between pulpit and Pew
Mormon Magic Realism
BiPolar Mormon Scholarship
the Manichean Mormon Fantasy
Latter-Day Saint O.C.D.

Robert Millet Getting At The Truth Caveat:
"Relevant Truth or Untruth is subject to change or reversal by revelation of verifying authorities or priestly fiat."


John Dehlin of Mormon Stories is a voice that contributes to the ecuminical; the Bill Moyers of Mormonism.
John Dehlin has opened the discussion on the role of Mormonism in America –– for better or worse it goes on as we speak.

John Larsen and friends have created an expression behemoth that speaks to the persistence of doubt and the Mormon Conundrum, a expose on mormon duplicity.

John Larsen
is the Mort Sahl of Mormonism.


Like Joseph Smith, the Mormons of today love to exploit the rich diggings or the imagination. Mormon Super Syperspiritualism and Philosemitic Mormon Intellectual Scholarship
Mormon Spiritualism is driven by a bi-polar world, an unshakable manichean atavist view of our world and all the spaces between and beyond, The.image above is Streaking across the Mormon Archipelago, yet another bright shooting star to stream sparks and glitter to then fade to black.
Aside from boring Christianity there is an alternative to pedestrian Jesus Worship. Mormons have a "Medium" to protect us from the natural man, The Prophet has spoken.
The Mormons are engaged in the business of religion making with ruffles and flourishes.
Between pulpit and pewwith the Mormon Concet.

mormon sphinx zeitgeist
mormon zeitgeist

The Baggage of Mormonism Condensed:

When speaking to gentiles, Mormons claim to be
misunderstood, but, we gentiles know Mormons are misunderstood all too well.
copyright Scari©2014
all rights reserved Scari.Org

profligate religious promiscuity
the transhumanist quest to defeat death

For fruther investigation into the authority and veracity of these postings, please feel free to consort with the source of all this information, another transhumanist quest.

The Baggage of Mormonism by FARMS:
Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
Department of Dogmatological Sciences:
Research into the meaning of life through Latter Day Sainthood and doctrinal tenets of the BOM and the Pearl of Great Price.



Revelation confirmed
pay-lay-ale, Do the Math

Beyond the enigmatic charge emanating from the planet Kolob, one must factor the gravitation of OLIBLISH and ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH, for without this calculation of mass and density the entire faith is voided, purged, by the countervailing acts of the Law of Attraction or Casimir Force contaminating the pure light of form and color spectrum of the sacred medium of Kli-flos-is-es, or Hah-ko-kau-beam's influence on the formula. Counterapologetics will claim this formula is pure bunk, but do the math and you will see these cycles affect universal order in atleast six of our nearest galaxies; the cynics are wrong, the numbers work to the advantage of true faith without stresses to revelation or doctrine. Before we ran the numbers we had no idea that Joseph Smith was such a mathematician. If Mormon detractors would only do a proper job of research on our faith they would quite possibly be our strongest agency: Pay-lay-ale,


Peepstone Talisman, LDS Religion Making
Shinehah Shinehah Shinehah

Side Effects of suffering with nocebo
Meet the Man:
Meet the man responsible for the death of Joseph Smith, William Law
An Interview with William Law:

JULY 31, 1887

Changing the world one
Mormon at a time through
religious understanding and
Mormon Counter-Apologetics
rapture dervish
rapture dervish
mormon zeitgeist
Mormon Judeophilia
Pandora's Boxexcruciation
Exceptional Liberty

Gosh, I lost track of all the things Mormons Know and I don't. To be continued:



from the well behaved Mormon Woman: Barbara Smith-Palmer: The Beast the Bugs in the Bushes.

Frolic in Paradise: Yeasties and the collective subjective
Once upon a time there was a big jug of cider sitting in a cool place. In this jug were little yeasties. The yeastie needed to eat. Being hungry for food and procreation, the little yeasties slurped cider sugars and they shat alcohol and they procreated and procreated, as it is, exponentially. These little critters operated as if there were limitless sugars and space to spread their way of life; it was just like paradise. So, by and by, they ate and shat and shat and ate and spread throughout the tasty cider soup until the sugar was gone and they began to drown in their own shit; the alcohol excrement was, of course, poison to the little critters. All the little yeasties died and their little world was turned to shit.
Had the little yeastie been able to forecast the resultant alchemy of this behavior they might have taken a different tack. Had the little yeasties engaged in experimentation and research, intervening variables might have been implemented to change their paradigm.
If the little yeasties were equipped with genetic engineering, they might have programmed their diet to eat alcohol and shit sugar, reversing the process that was their demise. Had the organism gotten a handle on its ability to procreate the cider environment could have supported the frolic and feasting of the yeasty for some length of time. This time would have been valuable to the survival of the little critter; there would have been time for research into exploration beyond the cider jug, exploit other cider jugs and spread the Good News to other parts of the realm. It's through this fairy tale that we at Scari Research Institute have postulated a template for the human condition.
(If this were a anthropocentric story and we being the good guys, this would be where we'd come in to save the day, but it's a story about yeasties)

Conclusion: Had the yeasties been inbued with cognition and science beyond natural selection they could have taken counter measures that would secure their fate, perserve the realm and continue their frolic.

*On Restoration In Mormonism: Our Heavenly Father (Elohim) is usually the last to know when Mormon Revelations Come to Pass, but he seems to approve of this arrangement, Mormon Priestly Revelation that is. It is hoped this will continue and all will be sorted out in the end. Heavenly Mother Gonhorra is told by Elohim of the Revelations as they come to pass but pays no mind. In the best of all possible worlds, it will all be sorted out in the end for Mormon Exceptionalism to flourish.

The consensus is after much study by scholars, theologians and dogmatologists, it is agreed that the BOM, Book of Mormon sounds, for the most part, Bibical.
Caveat: It is recognized that Mormons do not suffer criticism well, not a tolerant lot. satire, irony and ambiguity is not The Mormon's strong suit.