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Mormon Alien Cosmology
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True Faith

Bronze Sculptures surface
after 120 years, found in 1988

Suppressed discoveries supply the missing links to Mormon early history. Juvenile Instructor influences appear to have hidden the writing and editing of the Book Of Mormon. It can now be revealed, the veil has been pierced to implicate Juvenile Instructor complicity in Priestly coverup.

Conundrum as Sculpture



In the Religion
Making Business
know how
God abhors
a vacuum

Sculpture: Bronze Conundrum
mormon conundrum

The use of "and it came to pass" 1381 times may be a secret reference to the peasant revolt of 1381.

Bronze figures found in the estate of the late Christian Hartwell of Provo, Utah. The entire collection of thirty seven individual bronzes were purchased at auction by Scari and are on permanent display in the foyer of S.C.A.R.I. The provenance is still a topic for debate, however, the pieces were most likely the work of an artist living in New England in the 1820's. Abel Jones was a contemporary of Joseph Smith and was, for a time, an associate. Abel was also a treasure hunter (money digger) working with Martin Harris in the same vicinity as Joe Smith, Palmyra, New York..
He is said to have played a vital role in the early stirrings of the Mormon Church, selling Joseph Smith his first set of Urim Thummim, or Peep Stones. Also, he is reputed to be the one who threw away Joseph Smith's first draft of the Book of Mormon.
A dispute arose between Joseph and abel over the phrase, "And it came to pass," abel thought the manuscript of the Book of Mormon was hackneyed as the phrase, "And it came to pass," occurred some four thousand three hundred times; abel thought the work of God might have been more succinct and less repetitious. Joe and Abel quarreled, the result being the destruction of Joseph Smith's transcription of the Golden Bible given him by the Angel Moroni. Abel Jones disappeared shortly after the conflict.

The Book of Mormon was rewritten and went on to become one of the World's Great Religions, however, the phrase, "And it came to pass" occurs only some 1,381 times.

conundrum sculpture by Able Jones
Conundrum as art, bronze sculpture by Able Jones

Less is More
These pieces are reputed to be influenced by art found in the indian burial mounds of New England, upstate New York and on throughout the Great Lakes Region. At the time, grave robbing or treasure hunting was all the rage.

The question Mormons can't answer:
But what of the disappearance of Able Jones? What happened to Able Jones? We know what Happened to Elijah Abel, but what of Able Jones?

Conundrums, bronze animal deities
Just a few of the dieties for the inquiring mind to ponder
Bronze Sculptures surface continued
The link above is important evidence for the creation of these images by Abel Jones. The use of the phrase, "And it came to pass," has profound connotations; as if all things are preordained, guided by an invisible hand attending to each detail. Is this evidence of the hand of God in the creation of The Book of Mormon?
Had the first manuscript of The Mormon Bible been published, it might have been panned as some sort of clunky attempt to ape the Holy Bible but with Abel's contribution, Joe Smith had to reconsider his earlier work -- make abridgements to the word of God in order to make it more readable for us -- mere humans – divine texts are not always understood by the masses. An action counter intuitive to his, “When the prophet has spoken, the thinking has been done,” but effective in the populist battle to keep the sheep. Divine Texts often require interpretation by higher authority.

Note: Abel the minimalist only created 37 known bronze images of this kind; his aestheic on the Book of Mormon was instrumental in its success. There is no record of his movements after his altercation with Joseph Smith – he just disappeared but his influence lives on.

Breaking the Mormon Code

Breaking the mormon code requires some depth of insight into the human condition. We humans have been making it up as we go along for a very long time, since swinging from the trees at least -- perhaps longer.
So the Mormon Code can't be broken as there is no code beside making it up as they go along.
The purest definition is simple to undstand.
The Mormon Code is defined by Elders as;

Xanadu Zanadhu, Mormon Temple

Xanadu Zanadhu, Mormon Temple with the Juvenile Instructor
Home of a Panoply of Deities for the inquiring mind to ponder


The Arrest Records
of Joseph Smith from 1826 to 1830 are Rediscovered and Given to the Mormon Church.

Joseph Smith's arrest record on glass-looking charges--and Hugh Nibley's warnings about their serious nature, if proven true ( and they are now proven true.)
Sep 17, 2005
steve bensonWhat is particularly damning about these latest press revelations is that they further validate the devastating nature of the crimes that Smith committed--as, in fact, admitted by Mormonism's historically pre-eminent apologist and water carrier, Hugh Nibley.
In 1961, Nibley authored a book entitled The Mythmakers, in which he ventured to boldly debunk assertions that Joseph Smith had committed, or had been arrested for, the crime of "glass-looking." Nibley (in words he probably later wished he could retract) went so far as to declare that if, in fact, Smith was actually proven guilty of such nefarious activity, it would constitute the most damning blow that could be imagined to Smith's claim of divine prophetship.
Derick S. Hartshorn, in his work, Bearing the Testimony of Truth, reviews the history of apologetic denials uttered by Mormonism's stoutest defenders--and then compares those desperate defenses to the actual evidence found--evidence that cuts Smith off at the knees.
Under the sub-section, Guilty! Next Case!, Hartshorn exposes the serious nature of the charges against Smith and how they have plunged a dagger into the heart of Smith's claims to divine guidance:
"It was charged that Joseph Smith was accused and found guilt of parting a local farmer from his money in a less than honest scheme, commonly known as 'money-digging' or 'glass-looking.' It was reported to have been an activity that brought him rebuke from his soon-to-be father-in-law, Isaac Hale. It is also historically recorded that he was removed from membership in a local Methodist church because of the activity and trial results.


Perfidious Angel

Heavenly Dystopia -- just sayin'

tribal theological breakdown:
Joseph Smith Martyr or Miscreant

Tribes, their origins and the Latter Day Messiah
Mormons prove that cults of all stripes can believe in most anything in the name of the supernatural; through "Religious Tradition" the devout supplicant can sacrifice their children, they can eat the dead, they can burn at the stake, they can witness resurrections and rob the graves of others, they can poke pins in dolls, they can fling their brothers off cliffs, they can hallucinate in place of reality, they can baptize and marry the dead, they can build monuments to indemnify their priests, they can persecute the unwashed, they can prefer willful ignorance to enlightenment, they can kill for ethnic, racial or cultural differences, the believer will fabricate symbols to secure their faith no matter how hoky it may be.

Just Sayin', desire for faith to become truth moves the flock to hate the other, spout shibboleths, burn books, exterminate apostates, populate other planets in the hereafter, starve themselves to the point of delirium, flog themselves and sever the limbs of others and stone to death those who violate doctrine. Any superstition can be substantiated for ordering the flocks. They can bribe the unwashed to convert to a belief system that has no more authenticity than the one denounced. "When the prophet has spoken, the thinking has been done."

Yes, there is much to atone for, but humans still have the need to be part of something greater than themselves. Halle-you-cha cha cha, sprinkle holy water, ash, blood and bread for the sect; being saved, reborn and chosen all require debriefing but that is usually forgone -- Doubt is not an option.

We will shape our bodies to conform to the tribe; to scar, color shape and sculpt for the prevalent priest secures one's position as a player for the purpose of structure in the higherarchy. But all these methods are in a state of flux as knowledge of our species progress.
Social stresses require us to make adjustments to what was, here to fore, considered to be solidarity to the group now estranges us from who we are and what we might well be.

martyr or miscreant
martyr or miscreant
mormon sphinx

Preliminary finding released:
The Divine Right Rite
Keen on Fecundity

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the fault line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry.
It's like the Fundaliens had landed from the planet Kolob and a few humans sold out to the Fundaliens and beget Mormolians. These Mormolians, more domesticated than their brethern are like no other species.
They call themselves Mormons and they walk the planet and do what they do to further earn honors (chits) to cart off to other constellations, galaxies, hell, nebulae to propagate a personal strain of Mormon. On this planet deeded to the devotee, religious tradition holds this to be done with one's Spiritual Partner for one to propagate progeny to worship you as their creator -- their God (Mormon Fundies get as many wives as they need to turn this trick) to secure an everafter in the hereafter.
The Sacred, not Secret Fecund Mission: It's a growth industry, it's all about growth, making babies, the mission, prosperity, making more babies; it's the full leap –– to faith (NoSpace Suit Needed) regardless of which Mormon Sect, they are off to worlds beyond with full faith and credit from Joe Smith himself.
In a perfect universe, Evangelicals and Mormons would run off together to another planet to do works of wonder and live to conquer gentiles and save souls alturnatly until they eat eachother up.
Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon found Mormons usful and George Bush carries on this religious tradition. Willing empty vessels are handy here because Mormons live for the Great Cosmic Hereafter filled with sprinkles and glitter and fecundity. Unfortunately, this is not Science Fiction or Scientology, it's Mormonism and "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."

Hugo Baltzer

The Salient differences between LDS Mormons and Mormon Fundies appears in the faul-line between feral piety and domesticated Zealotry.

Mormon War on Terra: Rubber Ball Creationism. It's unfortunate but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to
an end, Mormons are convinced: "The Earth is like a rubber ball
and will bounce back." Its only a means to The End.Earth in hand: beyond Creation Care
Mormons have the whole world in their hands, Mormon Values carry on today through Priestly Quorum Sensing.

For more on making it come to pass, the Mysticism of Mormonism, tactics strategy and ploys:
Early debunking of these testimonies was printed in 1834 by  E.  D.  HOWE.
Solomon Spalding Sidney Rigdon and JOE SMITH

Rapture Ready is Rapture Readiness


invisible hand Moroni Money
follow the money
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all rights reserved Scari.Org



"Joseph Smith skims over the specific event leading to the trial in the Pearl of Great Price, explaining that he was only a day worker for the man so engaged and not personally involved.
"Mormon writers have continually challenged its doubters to find the records (seemingly lost) and prove Joseph Smith a liar or stop the attacks. Mormon writer Hugh Nibley, the most prolific defender of the Mormon faith, used almost 20 pages in his book, The Mythmakers, in an attempt to discredit this 'alleged' court trial. On page 142 we find:
"'. . . If this court record is authentic it is the most damning evidence in existence against Joseph Smith' and would be 'the most devastating blow to Smith ever delivered.' [emphasis added]
"Of course, when that was first published back in 1961, Dr. Nibley undoubtedly felt that after 130 years no such record would turn up in 1971. Once again, the actual evidence, which the Mormon Church had denied ever existed came to light in 1971. You can read about how it was discovered as well as the relevance of other historical documents of that time that Joseph used a 'seer' stone to find money, etc. in the 54=page brochure 'Joseph Smith’s Bainbridge, N.Y., Court Trials.'
"One might wonder why this should be cause for concern among investigators of Mormonism. The fact is the up to then, the Mormon Leaders had denied that there WAS such a trial. Indeed, they claim that the story of Joseph’s arrest was a 'fabrication of unknown authorship and never in a court record at all.'
"The charge that Joseph was known to hunt treasure with 'peep' or 'seer' stones, etc., was serious enough that Mormon scholar Francis W. Kirkham stated that if the court record could be found, it would show that the Mormon Church was false:
"'Careful study of all facts regarding this alleged confession of Joseph Smith in a court of law that he had used a seer stone to find hidden treasure for purposes of fraud, must come to the conclusion that no such record was ever made, and therefore, is not in existence . . .
"'If any evidence had been in existence that Joseph Smith had used a seer stone for fraud and deception, and especially had he made this confession in a court of law as early as 1826, or four years before the Book of Mormon was printed, and this confession was in a court record, it would have been impossible for him to have organized the restored Church.'
"Later, in the same book, Mr. Kirkham states:
"'. . . [I]f a court record could be identified, and if it contained a confession by Joseph Smith which revealed him to be a poor, ignorant, deluded, and superstitious person unabel himself to write a book of any consequence, and whose Church could not endure because it attracted only similar persons of low mentality if such a court record confession could be identified and proved, then it follows that his believers must deny his claimed divine guidance which led them to follow him. . . . How could he be a prophet of God, the leader of the Restored Church to these tens of thousands, if he had been superstitious fraud which the pages from a book declared he confessed to be? . . . '
"Well, in spite of 140 years of silence, the records did surface. Rev. Wesley Walters discovered the documents in the basement of the Chenango County, New York, jailhouse at Norwich, N.Y. in 1971. The records, affidavits, and other data show conclusively that Joseph Smith was arrested, went to trial, was found guilty as an imposter in the Stowell matter of "glass-looking." It is not a matter of debate, opinion or religious preference. It is a proven historical fact.
"Initially Mormons denied that Joseph ever participated in 'money-digging' activities, saying that would invalidate his claim as a prophet. Now that indisputabel evidence confirms that Joseph was a convicted 'money- digger' Mormons have taken a 'so what' attitude. At least one says, now that the evidence proves that Joseph was a 'money-digger' that it really doesn’t matter. (What could a BYU professor say?) Mormon scholar Marvin Hill says:
"'There may be little doubt now, as I have indicated elsewhere, that Joseph Smith was brought to trial in 1826 on a charge, not exactly clear, associated with money digging.' [Fawn] Brodie’s thesis that the prophet grew from necromancer to prophet assumes that the two were mutually exclusive, that if Smith were a money-digger he could not have been religiously sincere.
'This does not necessarily follow. Many believers active in their churches, were money-diggers in New England and western New York in this period. Few contemporaries regard these money-diggers as irreligious, only implying so if their religious views seemed too radical . . . For the historian interested in Joseph Smith the man, it does not seem incongruous for him to have hunted for treasure with a seer stone and then to use with full faith to receive revelations from the Lord.'
"Marvin Hill’s appraisal of the treasure seeking activities make it appear that contemporaries of Joseph Smith treated this enterprise with a casual air. One such contemporary that was closer to Joseph than most, could hardly disguise his disdain. This was Isaac Hale, father of the girl that Joseph would later elope with. In an affidavit signed by Hale and published in the Susquehanna Register, May 1, 1834, Joseph’s father-in-law said:
"'I first became acquainted with Joseph Smith, Jr. in November, 1825. He was at that time in the employ of a set of men who were called ‘money diggers’; and his occupation was that of seeing, or pretending to see by what means of a stone placed in his hat, and his hat closed over his face. In this way he pretended to discover minerals and hidden treasure.
"'Smith and his father, with several other money-diggers boarded at my house while they were employed in digging for a mine that they supposed had been opened and worked by the Spaniards. Young Smith made several visits at my house, and at length asked my consent to his marrying my daughter Emma. This I refused . . . [H]e was a stranger, and followed a business that I could not approve. . . . Smith stated to me, that he had given up what he called "glass-looking," and that he expected to work hard for a living . . .
"'Soon after this, I was informed that they had brought a wonderful book of plates down with them . . . The manner in which he pretended to read and interpret, was the same as when he looked for the money-diggers, with the stone in his hat, and his hat over his face, while the Book of Plates were at the same time hid in the woods.'"

Mormon Fundies, keep the True Faith burning bright

"I don't sleep with mortals but then again the immortal don't sleep do they? I 'm not sure."
mormon fundie, babe
I'm Mormon, don't sleep with mortals
Mormon Girl with Mormon Endorsement

Free Mormon Art, Mormon fundie, Warren Jeffs
I'm Mormon, Patriot & Prophet
I'm a Mormon with special needs,
Breeding is our Passion

I Can't. . .
I'm Mormon and I'm very spiritual

I can't. . .
I'm Mormon
leaves one with an ambigious message. Just what can't this young nubile thing do?
Does this mean she'd like to but doctrine prevents her seeking her bliss or is it a spiritual conundrum; she must know it pays to advertise and this is clearly an ad -- a message -- a sign. Could this be the mormon sacred underwear worn to shield one from probing evil spirits?

If Joseph Smith were to arise from the dead would he be wearing a "I can't. . .
I'm Mormon"shirt too?
Is this a coded message of duplicity or are there spiritual connections binding one devotee to another?

I Must . . .
I'm a Mormon and I'm so spiritual

"I must because I can. I'm a breeder and when it comes to breeding, we Mormons are better than both Catholics and Jews and that's saying something. We can out-perform any Rasta Man; we out do all the tribals. We are good at what we do because breeding is our passion."

Warren Jeffs modeling his endorsement for the flock.
Like Joseph Smith, Warren Jeffs believes there are so many gentiles and there is so little time to be among the chosen. He may be in custody but his spirit is still out there doing Gods Will. "As prophet, like Joseph Smith, I know what I know because God speaks through me to all the little girls -- I have spoken."

Note: Warren Jeffs makes claims that may be overstated but they come from deep in his heart.

theological breakdown continued
Theologic Dyspepsia (religious tradition) can carry on for millennia by the perfidy of clergy till collapse by its weight. Then again misguided faith secures the rise of yet another Perfidious Angel of faith. For an authentic theologic breakdown, a medium (missionary) would have to consort with the stars and bring back the true faith but what with the speed of light and so fourth -- there may be a lapse in interest, the revelations by our messenger could take a long long time with no guarantee of the findings. Our chosen galactic explorer might be an unreliabel narrator, or might misinterpret findings from the supreme cognitive entity. God may engage in deception and betrayal for sport.
Hummm, best try to figure it out ourselves without teleportation. Perhaps the application of scientific principles would help -- starting with repeated experimentation, we might find that most of what we humans call faith is a leap into a pool of hokum. Axiom: Mormons worry not about the moral hazard of faith, jews know this on a viseral level. . .

Thaddeus Quella

In the Religion Making Business:
selling Real Estate in Heaven,
the Afterlife Insurance Company LLC
Pyramid Schemes taken to the great beyond
Socialist Mormonism and the Subjective Collective,
the deseret of ZION and the Classified Meritocracy

A blessed people in a blessed land blessed by the throne of God placed in the New World to be consumed by the chosen for the glory of myth, the glory of a Sacred, not Secret fiction to bond fantasy to a perpondered reality for the sake of the supplicant to make the Leap Of Faith. This is the reality that Mormons live in smug satisfaction; the satisfaction that Joe Smith had it right for now and forever. Yes this planet has one place that God smiles upon and the rest is just chattel for the chosen to use to get to the place we all long for –– HEAVEN at any cost where ever it is.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints keep their secrets fairly well. The one secret that is best kept beside the use of Masonic Ritual is the use of Amish Social Structure. Joe Smith lifted both from whole cloth to fold these covenants into his baby, Mormonism: Spiritual Bonding with as many lovers as possible was lifted from his labido. But the glue that holds the Mormons more than anything are its Socialist Tenants while insisting the population at large compete as individuals –– not a level playing field.
The leftist Mormon Church demands that all others compete in a hard scrabble world without the forgiving grace of socialist compassion while Mormons rely on networking and pyramiding people and wealth and property.

Mormons know this on a viseral level but see no conflict between their inside loop and the idea of gentiles competing without the Socialist Theocratic Cradle. One could say, "Mormons don't play fair" but what mystical order does? Folks are sold an afterlife that's just like living here on earth but much better; every one wears white garb that never gets dirty and you don't have to pee or poop and body odor is unheard of –– or smelt.
What a deal:. You are there with all your Mormon family and friends just like being in another Sacred Temple Ritual, But you can "golly" and "gee" and "gosh" all you like, and every one giggles at your jokes while drinking Postum. If you have to drive a car it's like floating, if you have to walk you are light as a feather, one never feels the need to belch and sex is sex and there is lots of that whenever you are behind closed doors and there are no speed bumps. You get to shag the old lady or ladies, depending your Mormon affilation, and make babies that think you are GOD. They pray to you as their GOD, and that's good enough for the truly devout. And you get to mumble pronouncements to your offspring through a megaphone in a deep thundering voice just like God spoke to Moses; all the while there is a tinnitus ringing sound that's likened to angels singing.
When you want to bonk you just drop your pristine white robes and move your special unsoiled loin-wear aside a bit and get it on –– all mormons know this is not dodgy sex but a creative heavenly act; making babies just to be makin babies for the sake of making babies to seal the hereafter as your domain, for you are your own God and who's to say you ain't cause you are the decider and you keep things tidy at your Apostolic Stud Farm. The Mother Goddess Gonhorra revealed this to be the natural order for heavenly harmony..
Just Sayin', Mormons have a leg up over us gentiles, even better than Jews. Jews could never have dreamed of a place like Mormon Heaven, most Jews believe in guilt and are too cynical except for Joe Lieberman and Richard Perle, Paul Wolfawitz, Douglas Fief and Richard Pearlman. Henry Kissinger is a prime candidate for posthumous conversion to Mormonism once he dies.

MoJo: Mormons would do well to find some empirical evidence of this preposterous preponderant but that's a bother when there are so many souls to scrubb, frescos to paint and temples to dedicate for Mormon agape.

Voltaire observed:, "Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities." Wendell Tately

Mormon Apologetics

Beyond the sound of one hand clapping
there is the Melchizedek Priesthood,
the powers of which allows one to
keep time with no hands clapping.


The Trial: more good works in heaven
Yes, the Mormon Bureaucracy carries on in heaven. And yes you are being watched, the gatekeepers and rituals confirm each step through the mazes of heaven –– long lines for the chosen, lots of waiting, but the wait is part of the test designed to authenticate Mormon Purity. There are certificates to be stamped and examinations of faith. The trials are designed to confirm solidarity and unquestioning faith for the prophet and his hereafter in the everafter. It's not easy but the rewards are huge.


Hugo Baltzer

Do we know?
What happened to Able Jones?
What Happened to Elijah Abel?

As a very light skinned mulatto Elijah Abel was able to pass for white fooling The Priesthood and both Joseph and Hyrum. The White and Delightsome Axiom was subverted allowing the mark of Cain into the inner sanctum of Mormon Decorum, opening the gate to the workings of Satan, despite the infallible Melchizedek Priesthood, it came to pass . . .

Since we stooped to
stand from a crawl.
Mormons have
much to interpert.

Mormon History
is the answer.



LDS Spacecraft, part of the Mormon Covenant
 Mormon Covenant and Astrophysics
Mormon Space Program by Divine Right


Since we stooped to
stand from a crawl . . .
signs and wonders



Mormon War on Terra:
It's unfortunate but Mormons believe our earth is only a means to the end,
Mormons are convinced: "The Earth is like a rubber ball and will bounce back."

Are you believing too much too often, if so you must be thinking of becoming a Mormon ––  you can be a Mormon too. To believe is to understand. Remember
Mormons worry not about the moral hazard of faith.
Oop's, almost forgot, this whole deal is for our Little Baby Jesus.



art therapy.jpg
art toy,jpg
exhumation liberty.jpg

Mutah in Utah
New rage in Utah, Mutah Marriage is sweeping the four corners. Beyond multiple marriage there is Mutah Marriage: an arranged Marriage that can last for as little as a day puts a new bounce in the step of Mormon fundies. Adopted from Muslim Culture, the Mutah Marriage, sanctioned by Joe Smith, is arranged or contracted for a period of time, a week, a month or a day then desolved. It is hoped the Mormons will get it right this time.
Mutah in Utah may be sweeping the Greater Mormon Worlds.

Caveat: It is recognized that Mormons do not suffer criticism well, not a tolerant lot, satire, irony and ambiguity is not The Mormons' strong suit.

Is Larry Craig a Brokeback Mormon or just another wide stance Men's Room tap dancer? Is Senator Larry Craig part of the Divine Right Rite?
Regardless of stance, wide or narrow, does Idaho's own Larry Craig get head in public restrooms? Does Idaho's own Larry Craig give head in public restrooms?
Larry Craig, darling of the Right, gives head on Moroni's trumpet, allbeit in a strained mumble, spouting shibboleth of God and Country and the American way. Larry Craig, Idaho's own Mormon voice speaks of a kinder gentler Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and how it is soon to issue indulgences for misdemeanors to include fellatio, hipocracy, mendacity and petty Mormon Religious Law infringements, to include Mormon Fundamentalism i.e. plural marriage and separation of priesthood by race. A reformed afterlife insurance company: the L.D.S. church is soon to be called the New Universal Unification Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Heaven and on Earth etc. Inc.