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Hieronymus Bosch

Righteous Indig-Nation
Devil's Details: Orwellian Dickensian and the public good

Among others to be considered for visionary status, A George W. Bush comes to the fore. He and his apostles, or pundits or court -- whatever they may be called, are afflicted with the same calling.
The beauty of this risky scheme on which they are embarked is: it’s win win.
If –– through the conviction of a moral code –– a laced alchemy of social darwinist real politic, wrapped with evangelical correctitude, sprinkled with compassionate conservatism, prevails over the dark forces, who wins? If they lose -- we all, the chosen ones of course, will pass directly to heaven. If they win, we will be living in a police state for the foreseeable future. Either way it will be like heaven on earth.
Is there a difference between, the Orwellian and the Dickensian?

Devil's Details:

Hieronymus Bosch, El Bosco
nimbusless painting by El Bosco, what would El Bosco do?

Angels / Devils and . . .
One question?
Is George Bush the next Messiah or an avenging angel? If so, who is Paul Wolfiwitz, Lon Cheney and Donald Stubblefield? Are they linked in some vast Biblical Conspiracy or are they making it up as they go along?
Sure hope it turns out alright.

What would Hieronymus Bosch do? Why would he do it? El
Bosco’s painting at one of the stations of the cross depicts
a human mass that does little to differentiate Jesus from
the crowd and what a horde it is. Jesus looks pretty common
without royal trappings but for his cross to bare. No nimbus; nimbuslessness does level the field . . .

Thaddeus Quella, also nimbusless


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