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Sounds Biblical

What would Osama Do?

What would Jesus Do?

What would Hieronymus Bosch do?

Does the next messiah have to be a Christian?

Are Moslems exempt from inspired vision?

Do Mormons have anything
to do with this?

Does evil live in the hearts
of those who persecute the faithful?

Does evil live in the hearts of those who prosecute the faith?

"It is accomplished."


W.W.O.D. –– What would Osama Do –– St. Osama no doubt
St. Osama, jihottie
---------------------St. Osama, just another one of God's Children
You know how God abhors a vacuum.

Elohim's people
lest we forget the source of all this pain

What Would Osama Do?
"Bibical Prophecy" and Osama Bin Laden

What would Osama Do?


Bloggers Untie Question:
What would you do, steal to make the next post on you parasitic aggregation?

Bloggers Untie to Struggle With God

Estranged material rediscovered
found in blogger's dirty laundry

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What would Jesus Do? What would Osama Do?
Excavation W.W.O.D:
Like Christ, Osama is driven by the same demons drilling their shouts and murmurs into his skull. And, like Jesus, no amount of counseling will help.
The irony of Jesus tipping over the tables of the money changers and Osama toppling the towers of trade is that both missions were inspired by vision, passion, and selflessness.
"Follow the money and it all becomes clear." Saint Deep Throat.
David Koresh, Ted Kaczynski, Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, John Hinckley, and Cotton Mather –– let's not forget John Brown, Ken Starr and Jerry Falwell and there is Joe Smith too –– all serve a higher power; their efficiencies and means vary but were consonant with their ends. The genetic white noise emanating from our vestigial tails reveals the ambiguity of our existence, a revelation that tirelessly repeats itself to and through those willing, empty vessels of humanity. The Void must be filled, we all know how God abhors a vacuum.

Empowerment knowledge is knowing the genetic white noise emanating from our vestigial tails –– the God of our making has one too.

Gulf War II wrent from the murky blog-o-sphere of
Gulf War II : by scari.opg
Gulf War II
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Modified in 2004 from origional Mad Magazine poster




The Void must be filled, we all know how God abhors a vacuum.
Again, History reminds us that we Humans have short Memories









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