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Muse Diptych
Doubt is a terrible thing to waste

Muse Diptych

A depiction of the tribulations of Christ, the wondering, the doubt, the confusion. A visual benchmark for those who believe the equivocation that accompanied his pronouncements. What terror he must have felt when deciding to be who he became. His doubt is magnificently depicted in The Muse Diptych, a completely original and totally new view of this moment the Son of God discovered the persistence of doubt.
This print is on heavy acid free paper and suitable for framing.
Perfect for night stand or hall, in the den or next to your other religious collectibles and paraphernalia.

This Beautiful 10"x12"print of
Muse Diptych is available in separate prints if one wishes to separate the two figures and use them in separate parts of your shrine, house, apartment or place of worship. Diptych Muses are a constant reminder of the doubt and questioning that faces us all. Be you secular or sectarian this image will be sure to draw attention to itself –– propagete conversation and discussion on our collective existence..

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Muse Diptych



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