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Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity

spontaneous remissions with Irreducible Complexity.
Fundies Unite to relearn the Knuckle Walk

" God does not play dice but loves game theory."
E. O. Wilson

Knuckle Walker Knuckle walking
Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity
Chimera Knuckle Walker knuckle walking

Jo Jo knuckle walking, just like his team leader Dr. Gus O. Kahan had predicted.

Intelligent Design
with Scientific Relish

"Innovation is our credo –– Intuition is our guide." Only thru repeated experimentation can Noetic Science demonstrate Intelligent Design's premise. Given the latest series of experimentation intuition has served the Intelligent Designer's well. Innovative use of Irreducible Complexity with Incestuous Amplification have made great strides for the demonstration of the obsolescence of Darwinian Evolution.

Wendell Tatley

Note: Zygote Development is normal as cell division progresses, however, chemical imbalances occur requiring additional nutrient replenishments and massive doses of hormone therapy. Given proper balancing of development properties and environment the embryo should grow into a healthy productive citizen equipped for the exigencies and externalities of the twenty-first century; as it is, a creature that conforms to the JUST IN TIME requirements of our social / economic fabric.


Flagella taking a break after a hard flogging
 Irreducibly Complex Flagellum

Self Flagellation:
Irreducibly Complex Flagellum at work for their maker, textbook example of intelligent design for their
Supreme Cognitive Entity.

Of Pandas and People

Over the past century Creationists or Fundies have much to atone for. Attempts to ban the teaching of evolution have been thwarted by the rush of empirical evidence however the Fundies seem unstoppable when proselytizing the word of their Bipolar Deity.
It must be recognized that faith in a psychopathic utterly indifferent and patently unfair god gives rise to psychotic events by its devotees; Creationism is just one byproduct of misplaced faith.
The Discovery Institute proclaims Evolution is just a theory but the Bible is just a book. In the latest attempt, the book "Of Pandas and People," a limp attempt to replace "Creationism" with "Intelligent Design" seems to be as unscientific as the burning bush on Mt. Sinai. Joe Smith's, Book of Mormon, a clunky attempt to ape the Bible, would serve the Fundies better as text to convince the doubter; its mere repetition has a mesmerizing effect that turns one's brain to mush. "So much to believe in and so little time before the Rapture."
Thinktank talk, thinktank think:
Tankthink Talk –– or ––
Incestuous Amplification

Before the American Enterprise Institute Mark Rayland of The Discovery Institute said, "Don't teach Intelligent Design, there is no curriculum developed for it. Teach evidence against Darwinian Theory."
Scant as it may be, given that geology does not give up its dead in a coherent string of events with deep bellowings of "And it came to pass" there will always be gaps in the development of life on this planet and faith in Incestuous Amplification will do nothing to fill the voids with Intelligent Design. QED

Gus O. Kahan


"Noetic Science is the answer:" The science of physics invariably assumes that certain things exist. Things like matter, energy, space, time etc. Growing evidence suggest that there may be more of a thought process behind what we observe.
If there is, it is possible that some form of logic may be more responsible for what we observe than "physical things"
I have been developing a theory that attempts to connect a form of logic to conventional physics." David Barwacz

Beyond Flagellum
JO JO is Irreducibly Complex

Before I met Jo Jo, I was doubtful of the claims of Intelligent design. However, after inspecting the Chimera Jo Jo, I am convinced that the Theory of Evolution alone was not sufficient explanation for the anatomical complexity of this new species. Intelligent Design and its faith in Irreducible Complexity as a driving force in the creation of life is ready made to explain the attributes of Jo Jo.

Born in 1999, Jo Jo was created from a chimeric blastula with a genome mix from the gorilla Mu Mu, a female mountain gorilla twenty two years of age and DNA fragments found in a burial site near the Valley of Neander dating from 55.000 B.P.

The primary reasoning behind the experiment was to find which traits might dominate in the creature to be produced from combined sequences of two species long distanced by time, climate and temprement.

It was thought by most of the research team that the Neanderthal genome would dominate the formation of Jo Jo, however as is in evidence, Mu Mu's DNA dominated most of the formation of Jo Jo's anatomy. Jo Jo does stand erect but for only for short periods, rarely taking more than three or four steps before knuckle walking but his temprement is quite human-like.

The complexity is irreducible as evidenced in this image of Jo Jo in his habitat. One can easily see there is a there there; he seems to be quite aware of his surroundings and when presented before a mirror is aware of himself reflected. He will preen and inspect parts of himself that he cannot ordinarily see. Jo Jo, now six years old, has mastered signing to a degree but has guttural utterances (language) that seems to suffice for most of his needs; however his sentences are incomplete –– rambling phrases best describe his verbal skills. As an adolescent he is given to fits of rage coupled with sexual displays that require restraint upon occasion; female staff is advised to keep a wide birth in their dealings with Jo Jo. When aroused, he presents himself erect, chest thumping while vocalizing obscenity, and screaming, "Please help me." He knuckle walks in great leaps and bounds. With his acute sense of smell, he curls his lips with a glassy stare and seems to go catatonic when exposed to peanut butter, dead fish and female odors of any kind. Armed with pepper stray, staff is advised to keep clear of Jo Jo. This is further evidence of his complexity as an irreducible member of the primate–sapien family. Biochemist Michael Behe has examined the behavior of Jo Jo and concludes that beyond the Flagellum many biological systems are 'irreducibly complex.'

Spunky Monkey Speaks, "Please help me"

Although his official name is Jo Jo, staff have nick-named him Luke Knuckle Walker or "Spunky Monkey." Due to his intelligent design, thru unreconcilable complexity, he lays claim to many other aphorisims too. . .

The staff is musing of his prospective fate when he arrives to the state of a silverback. It is hoped by then, (with any reasonable degree of probability) his intelligent design and unreconcilable complexity will have become stablized; civilized to the point where he may live a happy productive life.

Proof: Unimproved Knuckle Walking, after all these years, remains the most efficient form of locomotion.

Stanley U. Goldburg

Intelligent Design and Global Warming
intelligent design counter-apologetics

Intelligent design linked to Global Warming. Only Irreducible Complexity explains the process of climate change. Incestuous Amplification is responsible for promoting climate change denial. Willful ignorance of green house gases and their influence on planetary climate change is the perfect petri dish for irreducible complexity to propagate.
By promoting inaction on carbon dioxide emissions we at SCARI Research conclude:
the Intelligent Designer has placed we humans on this planet to prepare its atmosphere for Alien Beings to occupy; the chosen entities will reign supreme after we humans have converted the earth's chemistry for the favored species; good works by God's people to provide warmth, comfort and prosperity for our creator's truly favored flock. Divine knowledge being unknowable, as a known unknown, might include betrayal –– God does not play dice but loves game theory.
Only Intelligent Design can explain this phenomenon –– QED.

Ephima Morphew

incremental complexity
Detractors to Irreducible Complexity and "ID Theory"

There are two additional arguments proposed by ID theory: To demonstrate intelligent design in the universe the concept of "irreducible complexity" and the "complexity-specification" criterion require a planner and matter to be planned. Irreducible complexity is a term introduced in this context by molecular biologist Michael Behe in his book Darwin’s Black Box . The idea is that the difference between a natural phenomenon and an intelligent designer is that a designed object is planned in advance, with forethought. While an intelligent agent is not constrained by a step-by-step evolutionary process, the latter is the only way nature itself can proceed given that it has no planning capacity (this may be referred to as incremental complexity). Irreducible complexity then arises whenever all the parts of a structure have to be present and functional simultaneously for it to work, indicating that the structure was designed and could not possibly have been gradually built by natural selection.

Behe’s example of an irreducibly complex object is a mousetrap. If you take away any of the minimal elements that make the trap work it will loose its function; on the other hand, there is no way to assemble a mousetrap gradually for a natural phenomenon, because it won’t work until the last piece is assembled. Forethought, and therefore intelligent design, is necessary. Of course it is. After all, mousetraps are indeed human products; we know that they are intelligently designed. But what of biological structures? Behe claims that, while evolution can explain a lot of the visible diversity among living organisms, it is not enough when we come to the molecular level. The cell and several of its fundamental components and biochemical pathways are, according to Behe, irreducibly complex.

The problem with this statement is that it is at least partially contradicted by the available literature on comparative studies in microbiology and molecular biology, which Behe conveniently ignores . For example, geneticists are continuously showing that biochemical pathways are partly redundant. Redundancy is a common feature of living organisms where different genes are involved in the same or in partially overlapping functions. While this may seem a waste, mathematical models show that evolution by natural selection has to imply molecular redundancy, because when a new function is necessary it cannot be carried out by a gene that is already doing something else, without compromising the original function. On the other hand, if the gene gets duplicated (by mutation), one copy is freed from immediate constraints and can slowly diverge in structure from the original, eventually taking over new functions. This process leads to the formation of gene "families", groups of genes clearly originated from a single ancestral DNA sequence, and that now are diversified and perform a variety of functions (e.g., the globins, which vary from proteins allowing muscle contraction to those involved in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood). As a result of redundancy, mutations can knock down individual components of biochemical pathways without compromising the overall function – contrary to the expectations of irreducible complexity.

Massimo Pigliucci

One might ask,
"why incremental complexity!"
"Why, well it's the middle of the road policy,
God only knows how fast these irreducibly complex ideas come rushing through our creator's universally huge brain, why, (with any reasonable degree of statistical probability) just the speed of light restricts the efforts of most supernatural phenomenon, however there are those caveats and even they will be reconciled incrementally regardless of complexity."

Hugo Baltzer

The Mousetrap Hypothesis:

It must be recoginized, the mousetrap sprang from whole cloth in the middle of the industrial age; Post Renaissance, beyond Enlightenment the Mousetrap was a Romantic notion. What did the previous mousetraps look like. What was used to catch mice in 1212 AD? Where does poison come in, what about cats and birds if prey? What did Jesus do?
The Idea is, to get rid of mice.


Fundies Unite to relearn the Knuckle Walk

After many attempts to use faith as a ruler for enlightenment, a frustration to unravel opaque ambigious and contradictory biblical scriptural content leaves many fundies fallen from the tree resorting in a search for truth using observation and experience not revelation. Release from doctrinal schackles leaves one with a set of new rules that can be measured, quantified and used to build a more cogent universe.
Existence in a less structured reality requires courage in a time when we can see what we have done in the name of God –– or what the need for God has done to us and our environment.
Dr. Thaddeus Quella

Really, it's all about Jesus and Creation Care

Startegic Error: Man, having created Gods in his own image now must relearn animist wisdom. Animists knew when the critters (Animal Spirits) disappear there is penatence to be done. Unfortunately penatence does not reserrect extinct species, penatenence is usless for the reserrection of nature, the habitat of anthropacentrism leaves only political animals inspired by shibboleths, like trained apes, to repeat the phrases that created the willful neglect of the real reality. Really it's all about ignorance. We don't need aliens to invade our planet, to take over our minds and bodies, we have ourselves to battle for the moral economic and spiritual higher ground –– Creation Care Karaoke is the answer.