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Pax Amerika
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Beyond Liberal DemocracyHegemon, Hegemonia, Hegemaniacs
Americanishness is American Exceptionalism

On American Exceptionalism
something to study

"That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality," he said. "And while you're studying that reality, we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors… and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Celebrate and
share the fantasy
Pax American

celebrate 250 years of Imperialism American Style.

There are many methods for domination, subversion and supplication. As a major player astride two oceans, our nation as straddler has experimented, dabbled and probed, niggled and ooched the many permutations of conquest, spiritual, psychological, economic and forceful. After nearly three hundred years of bending the will of others to conform to our Consumption habits -- it's going to come to pass.

Consumer Consumption

Note: Consumers come from Consumption
Consumption was for many years a disease know as Tuberculosis. Being Consumed by Consumption makes Consumers prey to many pathologies, disorders: like morbid obesity, there are limits to growth
-- But --
it is quantity, not quality -- Just Do It . . .

"Quality is a noun?"
"Pirsig was wrong -- Ha,
Uncle Milty was right"

Eric Prince: Knight of Blackwater
creator of the Walmart War

WALMART effect

Today: the nomination for the paradigmatic institution evolved from this model is WAL-MART; of the many prototypes in competition for the prize, WALMART is the single finest expression of heaven on earth. The WAL-MART Effect is sweeping the nation and will soon export Calvinist Doctrine to all corners of what is rapidly becoming a square planet.

So, if you are middle management or better, you are blessed. Join Now -- inquire about WALMART INTERNSHIPS. Don't be left behind to deal with debris of a planet consumed by consumers. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

Known Unknowns
As yet it's not known: whether Walmart should acquire the Federal Government or The U.S. Government should nationalize Walmart.
A troica of Walmart, Google and Fox is soon to be forthcoming. This new unity will herald the beginning of less choice for the consumer, The People, but more economy of scale.


Liberty Lost by Ameicanishness

Hegemon Hegemonic Hegemaniacs,
ah, the state of Hegemonia.

derivation on a theme,
The alchemy of Calvinism,
the Invisible hand and Free land.

Hegemonia exhumation

Historic Note: Just 400 years ago Calvinists bumped the shores of a near virgin continent girded by two oceans on the temperate zone of this planet –– a ready made.
The rest is history: However you may read it, a people driven by the need to "look busy" in order to secure a place in the "next life," these "Americans" worked and worked, stacking stuff and things in a neurotic frenzy driven by the belief that God hath given man dominion over the earth to do as he wished through self interest, enlightened by competition for the few heavenly seats (only 144,000) to be blasted into the great hereafter. A special people armed with Lutheran doctrine have developed systems and methods for conquest -- and proselytization; successful at arresting a continent, overseen by pliant (darkskinned) custodians; the grounds keepers were easily displaced; a Calvinist could just breathe on them and they'd disappear, adding further authority to the righteous cause.

These peoples, The Americans, with evangelical zeal, quickly began to spread notions of this reality to other places.

Liberty Crucified
liberty crucified pax max

"you, will be left to just study what we do as we change water to wine while running with scissors."


Parable or Fairy Tale?

Frolic in Paradise

Once upon a time there was a big jug of cider sitting in a cool place. In this jug were little yeasties. The yeastie needed to eat. Being hungry for food and procreation, the little yeasties slurped cider sugars and they shat alcohol and they procreated and procreated, as it is, exponentially. These little critters operated as if there were limitless sugars and space to spread their way of life; it was just like paradise. So, by and by, they ate and shat and shat and ate and spread throughout the tasty cider soup until the sugar was gone and they began to drown in their own shit; the alcohol excrement was, of course, poison to the little critters. All the little yeasties died and their little world was turned to shit.
Had the little yeastie been able to forecast the resultant alchemy of this behavior they might have taken a different tack. Had the little yeasties engaged in experimentation and research, intervening variables might have been implemented to change their paradigm.
If the little yeasties were equipped with genetic engineering, they might have programmed their diet to eat alcohol and shit sugar, reversing the process that was their demise. Had the organism gotten a handle on its ability to procreate the cider environment could have supported the frolic and feasting of the yeasty for some length of time. This time would have been valuable to the survival of the little critter; there would have been time for research into exploration beyond the cider jug, exploit other cider jugs and spread the Good News to other parts of the realm. It's through this fairy tale that we at Scari Research Institute have postulated a template for the human condition.
(If this were a anthropocentric story and we being the good guys, this would be where we'd come in to save the day, but it's a story about yeasties)

Conclusion: Had the yeastie been inbued with cognition and science beyond natural selection they could have taken counter measures that would secure their fate, perserve the realm and continue their frolic.

parson Carson Gallant Charoot











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Alberto Gonzales
Scari.Org has experienced an extraordinary rendition for the sake of Homeland and those who foster that notion, known or unknown. When the Homeland Folk censor a site like Scari.Org you know that it's a conspiracy or as the Chimera in "The Fly" said, "Please help me."
We are cosmic beings –– fancy carbon. Let us treat ourselves as such -- we can take it. It's guaranteed, we will all come back as part of something.
Why you may ask? Gus O. Kahan

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