the Rat Race and the Law of Attraction, The Krakatoa Effect
Creation Care Karaoke is the answer
the Rat Race Rules
Milton Friedman Asks: "Can the Rat Race overcome vulnerability
for competitive advantage through the Law of Attraction?"

Milton Friedman lays claim to Rat Race Rules
while sticking to talking points, the Rat Race goes on using power as
Less is more but for the more is less caveat.

"For the best of all possible worlds choice is the one force that drives the need to have needs. So many choices -- so many needs, the invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply –– supplying demand."

In a less perfect world round and quiet finite, the linerar, flat planet model of Friedmonian logic looks limp. Liberty and property are also quite finite but for the Mars Option.
Good Luck Milty. So much for the Chicago School.

Gus O. Kahan

The Rat Race can overcome vulnerability for competitive advantage with cooperation compassion, humility, modesty and faith. Although rats are considered to be a lower form of life the similarities are striking as we mindlessly breed ourselves to the level of a rodent. One might conclude our worth is similar.

The rat race, a term of art that describes the competition required for an animal to survive in an crowded and unjust social construct but it's the only one rats know.

Could there be a kinder, gentiler rat?
Like the infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typerwriters, it is possible for there to be a gentle rat but a rat like that won't last long.

Yes, the rat race exists and seems not to be going away.
As Lilly Tomlin noted, "The problem with the Rat Race is, even if you win, you're still a rat."

If the rat knew this it would be a wise rat but this is not a metaphor but merely an observation about rats.

Perhaps: If a movement mixing Creation Care and Karaoki could sweep the Rat Race there would be some hope for the gentle rat. But then again rats might not respond. According to Milton Friedman the invisible hand will put things right with its magic wand.


Six Degrees of Separation
with Sociobiology

Six Degrees of Separation
occurs as a natural outgrowth of
consumer and that which needs consuming

Rat Racing: a clinically blind demonstration of the Six Degrees of Separation axiom
racing rats with The Rat Race Rules
Racing Rats in compliance with all Rat Race Rules and six degrees of separation.

The winner: will be, of course, a very rapacious rat with special attributes even for vermin, it must be noted that lab rats are exempt from competition without form 34-C: Rat Race Rule 4-27

Rat Race Rules: Leveling the playing field requires strict order and defference to the primacy of rat nature. Of course less is more when it comes to rat racing but for the more is less caveat. The Law of Attraction or as it's accurately called, the Casimir Force has some role to play in the way rats race.    
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Creation Care Karaoke sounds much like some sort of Communist plot to rot the minds of potential Capitalists and undermine the Rapacious Free Enterprise Rat. The invisible hand is the best hand for demanding supply, supplying demand.

Milton Friedman

Six Degrees of Separation is really not accurate. After much random number analysis and statistical review the actual number to the Degree of Separation is: 6.1415926535897932846263383279502884197693571
Degrees of Separation.


Rat Racing,  Casimir Force
Law of Attraction, Casimir Force: Rat Race

The Law of Attraction is The Casimir Force
The Casimir Force is an electric force, but its origin is different from that of ordinary electric forces. It is a purely quantum-mechanical effect arising from the zero-point energy of the harmonic oscillators that are the normal modes of the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field must satisfy certain boundary conditions at the surfaces of our conducting plates, and these boundary conditions rule out some of the modes (oscillators) that would otherwise exist in unbounded space. Since there are fewer oscillators between the plates, there is less zero-point energy in this region. If the plates are brought closer together, this volume of smaller energy density is decreased, while the volume of normal zero-point energy density is increased. Since this results in an overall gain of energy to the universe, a force pressing the plates together is the result, thus the Law of Attraction.
The Casimir Force is The Law of Attraction.

Creation Care Karaoke is the answer: Creation Care Triage
Given our nation's penchant for faith, prayer and belief in the supernatural, it seems appropriate to launch a few pilot projects to capitalize on this national obsession,
Using faith based initiatives to salve our national deficit; concern for planetary degradation could be fixed through prayer. Evangelical Environmentalism is a growth industry.
A Pilot Project is proposed: there should be the establishment of several hundred stations or chapels to help turn the corner and ebb the tide of Global Warming (Climate Change) to a level that people of faith can live with.
A Federal initiative for Tax Payer funded Creation Care Parlors or Chapels could establish a new mind-set for good men and women to come together to sing away and pray for Earthly Harmony –– Creation Care,
Using a well establish method for people of good will to feel good about themselves –– Creation Care Karaoke would be a solid step in stemming global warming. Creation Care Karaoke Chapels could turn the tide for global degradation and deliver us to a higher plane. It's not rocket science but Creation Care Karaoke is the last best hope for a unity of faith for the true believer to appeal to their better angels.
A Creation Care Triage Song Book and recordings of creation care songs, praises for Jesus and his love of us would shift attitudes, promote sympathy for dying species, all the little animals and curb robust obsessive consumption into managable evangelical gluttony.
The Last to Know:
One would think, evangelicals would have been given the word first.

the Power is Knowledge Rat Race
Information is knowledge? Rats Know, If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, show me the rat who has so much as to be free from damnation. A new movement is taking on this conundrum to solve the last of the Rat Race impediments. Rat Racing for Christ will soon launch its new, kinder and gentler Rat Race Rules.
Rat Racing for Jesus may be the answer: Prosperity Gospel leads you to the truths of prosperity theology. And it's all for Jesus.


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