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The International
Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

The International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

Raptor Collection
Uncle Gus's

Dr. Gustave U. Morphew
1907 -- 1999
Gustave Morphew D.O.S. was an amateur Ornithologist, Taxidermist -- Inventor and Photographer. He worked for most of his life as a Wildlife Biologist for the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forestry Service in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
"Dr. Gus” was an avid collector of many bird species, Owls, and Raptors were among his favorite."
He made several trips abroad to further expand his collections. While cleaning out the attic of the Morphew family home I came across many cases of his collecting appetite. Gus had stacks and stacks of many stuffed and rotting specimens. Shown here is just one tray of his 1957 collection gathered in the United States along with his exploits in India.

Birds Exhibited:
Aquila clanga
Greater Spotted Eagle (India)

Sarcogyps calvus
King Vultur(India)

Buteo regalis
Ferrugionous Hawk (USA)

Falco rusticolus
Gyrefalcon (USA)

Buteo swainsoni
Swanison's Hawk (USA)

Uncle Guse’s Attic Treasures 4"X9"X2" mixed media
. . . & Raptor Collection w/Text
Exhibited by: Ephima Morphew
Exhibit by: Scari
Serene Cultural Allinace Research Institute
Director: Gus Kahan

all scientists are exempt from concerns for data collection. Collected data are used to confirm the or refute theory, postulates or conjecture.
Uncle Gus's Raptor Collection was gathered for the best of all reasons . . .
Science is Science


Irony and the Collective Subjective

Quote from the 6th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition:
Michael Randles remains on the testy edge of art and Ideas. “Iconoclastic Iconography is a task reduced to a cacophony of isms; fertile ground for the genetic white noise eminating from our vestigial tails to interrupt humanity’s neural circuits. . .”

shoebox sculpture, Raptor Collection
Tragedy of the Commons: Part III _________________ the Testy Edge of Art and Ideas







If the faculty at Universtiy of Hawaii are so incestuous, so corrupt as to deny an objective forum for the profession for which they are named to promote, one might suggest the players find a counselor, get together, discuss their divinity and test their wings to be sure they won't melt.
The function and ethics for the priests and priestesses of humanity must revisit the notion of what the arts and humanities are really up to . . .

Gus O. Kahan

Tragedy of: The Common remains Tragic

After having been in three consecutive shoebox exhibits, 4th 5th and 6th, I had prepared a piece for the upcoming 7th International Shoe box exhibit competition. I had sold Lord Buford Mumford Autustine Tullyrill's Shoe Last to the State of Hawaii Arts and Culture Commission from the 5th exhibit and was hopeful of acceptance into the 7th exhibit. The competition was stiff. I had contacted Tom Klobe the Director for a Prospectus. He wrote me a letter informing me that I was not eligible for the exhibit as I had been in three consecutive exhibits: A-ha, Rule 44a-29b-666 exclusionary clause, here-to-fore unpublished.
I was surprised as there had been no stipulation for entries based on successful past performance. I knew no one on the jury, I had no contact with the exhibition beside delivering work that “remains on the testy edge of art and ideas.” I had thought that is what the whole notion was; to deliver powerful work speaking to who we are – Not some stolid notion of a group or conservators holding the traces of one another.
Tom Klobe, Director stated, “Well mike, much of the U. of Hawaii. Faculty have rigged the jury process to benefit themselves to the exclusion of better work. We had to find a way to clean up the Shoebox Exhibition.” There was an inside loop I was not privy to but punished by. So much for the meritocracy. As it has been stated to me again an again, Art is a subjective process. One might ask, “Just how subjective?”
I have seen this Rule 44a-29b-666 exclusionary clause before, Having been expelled from Graduate School by the same gang (different school) of aesthetic players –– The Style in Search of Substance Syndicate. Since my expulsion from the 7th International Shoebox Exhibition I have not submitted work for that venue. I am chagrined by the methods the players use to deliver mediocre thoughts, uninspired forms and stolid use of material to confirm the "Conservatory for the Preservation of the Status Quo."
And we wonder of the Tragedy of the Commons?
I do hope the faculty at the University of Hawaii have found other ways to promote themselves beside corrupting a perfectly wonderful forum for contemporary sculpture.
Through the Collective Subjective, "The Tragedy of the Commons lives on."

Michael Randles

Comment by Hugo Baltzer:
"He's still on the Testy Edge of Art and Ideas."

"Randles is not interested in making fuzzy things for pretty people, Randles does not fade from making art with an attitude, his interests lie with the fate of the planet –– all of its diversity."
rapture dervish
rapture metaphysics
rapture pretext